PKworryshop is a collaborative attempt founded in 2013 by Kaila Guilmet and Porter Diteman, whose concern is based but not limited to the New York City metropolitan zone. The drift of PKworryshop can be likened to the recurrent locating of a History that sits discretely beside the loud and likeable orator.

We agree that there are but two kinds; emotional and aesthetic facts. Over and over again we fail to recognize the emptiness of either. We feel the consequence of a timeline that has abandoned us for its better looking victors, and while it makes us a little uneasy, we admit we enjoy the heavy weight of a lead vest. Accordingly, we have adopted a method of remembering the present instead of the past in order to recognize what the recorded image permits us rather than what it has done to us. It is our responsibility to remain doubly attendant to equivalent occurrences happening under variable circumstances, as a lens fixed on the wrong place wrong time.

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